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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Regent Medical Building
#260 2184 Broadway W.
Vancouver BC
V6K 2E1


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Laura Sturm
(604) 308 2499
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Breath Work is a simple, easy way to invite transformation and healing:

Each cycle of breath detoxifies the body and replenishes it with Prana, or "Life Force".

Benefits of your Breath Work session: increased health and energy, enthusiasm and motivation; experience more peace; access expanded states of consciousness, higher guidance and clarity about patterns and life purpose; become a more gentle and loving person.

Beath Work is an easy way to release stress, negativity and anxiety, to allow innocence, playfulness, and spontaneity. It improves self confidence, self-acceptance and self expression. Conscious practice of Breath Work empowers you to realize that your wellness is innate to your biology and easily within your grasp.

Your Breath Work session is specifically tailored to the outcomes you seek. Your session is typically 60 minutes in duration and costs $140.00, + applicable taxes. For 6 weekly sessions, budget $600.00, + applicable taxes.

"God bless you and all your pure intentions and kind heart."
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