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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Regent Medical Building
#260 2184 Broadway W.
Vancouver BC
V6K 2E1


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Laura Sturm
(604) 308 2499
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CEM is known as a wellness support program and was developed by Dr. M Lynch, M.D and D. Harrison, NCBTMB, over 30 years ago and is based on the principal that if the energy between the cell and its field is clear the cell will be able to repair itself.

There is no DNA structure that supports aging, hereditary disease, addiction or negative patterns of behaviour.

Energy that impairs communication can come from physical, emotional, spiritual, inherited or environmental trauma.

Blocked communication between field and cell can result in degenerative modes often seen as chronic disease or what we call the aging process.


CEM can help maintain and reestablish the communication between the field energy of the cell and its DNA.

Once the field is returned to its natural state, the DNA “switches on” and the structure of the cell is restored so that it may repair and replace itself as it is designed to do.

Energy Work sessions can be done on-site or from a distance, for you or requested on behalf of someone you care about.

Your CEM session is typically 45 minutes in length and costs $108.00, + applicable taxes.

For 6 weekly sessions, budget $600.00, + applicable taxes.


Thanks so much Laura, for all the body-love! I have enjoyed the entire day lounging and relaxing, just what I needed! Your amazing and intuitive gift of healing has been my extreme good fortune!!! Thank you thank you!!
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