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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Regent Medical Building
#260 2184 Broadway W.
Vancouver BC
V6K 2E1


By appointment only
(604) 308 2499
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Laura Sturm
(604) 308 2499
Mondays - Saturdays

"God bless you and all your pure intentions and kind heart."

"After only three weeks of your business coaching there is too much money coming in!!!"

"Laura rocks. I've known her for 10, 12 years now. She's worked on me. And she rocks She's one of the few humans I know who walk their path with full gratitude, superb class and total faith. She's a great healer. She's a great woman. Trust her. Book that session."
Claude-Michel Prevost, President, Synchronium Consulting

"God bless you and all your pure intentions and kind heart." DKK, Vancouver, BV

"I have been working with Laura almost every week for about 8 years now and it has been an enriching experience."

"Every time we meet for yoga it is clear that Laura hasn’t just “shown up” but has prepared for our session."

"There is always a plan that is focused on my needs, my abilities and my progress. There is always something new and of value in every session."

"I have also done a great deal of massage with Laura and she has an intuitive touch. I have experienced massage all over the world and she rates among the best."

"Laura is very professional and dedicated.She cares about her work and always gives her complete attention."
Cathy Moore, Managing Director, The Travel Group

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